Ulmus Development launches Zero-Carbon Pilot Program building in Kelowna B.C.

As a leading developer for the new Canadian Green Building Councils “Zero-Carbon Pilot Program”, Ulmus Development Ltd. is building a new Ulmus Place in Kelowna, BC. It will confirm its Environmental Performance compared to conventional buildings, through the use of lifecycle costing and lifecycle assessment methodologies.

Ulmus Development believes that the current climate change crisis requires that we all think differently about how we design and operate buildings. Going beyond LEED standards, Ulmus Development is taking action to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that its buildings produce ensuring that their buildings are green and “highly sustainable” as demonstrated through hard data.

The new mixed-use EcoLock building in Kelowna is designed using non-toxic and low-carbon materials. It will capture rainwater and generate its own clean electricity. But above all, it will be an urban oasis where the useful life of the building combines the lowest total environmental impact while providing an environment where people will enjoy a healthy, clean and beautifully designed indoor experience for work, pleasure and learning.

The experience and results of this groundbreaking environmental model will be captured in a case study as a set of lessons that can be shared with other project teams across North America. This building will fulfill the vision of what an Ulmus Place was meant to be.